Trolley Track Trail, midtown K.C.

To walk the Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail, the walking group met at the Roasterie Café at 6223 Brookside Blvd. in Brookside.Roasterie There we could start off with a coffee or tea to take on our walk, and we could use the convenient restroom (which we all  needed because we all drove from suburbs to get there.)
We decided to walk north on the trail toward the Plaza. The continuation of the trail is easy to spot just across from the public parking lot to the north. It’s a pleasant walk past endearing back yards and alongside what I call suicide hill because I took my kids sledding there when they were little, and they tried to commit…well, you know.Harry-Wiggins-Trolley-Track-Trail_20110615
The path travels close to Wornall Road and Brookside Blvd. but is separate from the sidewalk in most cases. It was once the route of a streetcar line. Now most of it is covered with hiking-feet-friendly crushed limestone. Bicyclists can also use the trail, but we saw mostly walkers and joggers, dog-walkers, and stroller-pushers.Trolley Track bicycles   Trolley track trail Plaza

Trees (beautifully flowered in Spring, awesome-colored in Fall) line the route, lovely old houses show off their decorator colors, and the shopping and eating areas of Brookside, Crestwood, and the Plaza to the north and Waldo to the south beckon with their early twentieth century look and their twenty-first century goodies.
The group walked to the Plaza, back through Brookside, south to Waldo, and then back to Brookside. Long walks are our norm, but then after, we have to EAT. This time we chose Charlie Hooper’s in Brookside. Charlie hoopers Two of the group had never been there, and they enjoyed the homey bar and grill atmosphere. Everyone had the lunch special, rich soup and a yummy salad with red wine vinegar dressing and artichokes. For only $4.49 we ate heavenly fare.
Happy Trails!


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