Stilwell, Kansas and Rock Collecting

This week too many members of my walking group, The Roaming Readers, were out of town. No group hike took place—sad. I enjoy my solo walks around my neighborhood, but it’s always more fun exploring with the group.

Fun. Exercise. Exploration. Good food. Those are the components of our weekly hikes. I need (want?) that at least once a week. So my husband and I took off on an expedition to collect rocks. We traveled south on Mission Road toward 199th Street. Along the way, we took detours onto country roads which looked likely to have a creek or a rocky outcropping with fallen stones.

IMG_5159Bumping along in our Ford truck, rumbling past fields and woods, we found a couple of creeks and a crumbling rocky ledge. The edges of the creeks proved most lucrative, but our final haul of rocks  proved skimpy. That was because of the heat and humidity. Did you ever try to carry a bunch of rocks with sweat rolling down into your eyes?

On 199th Street we turned right to look for a lunch spot in the small town of Stilwell. At 199th and Old Metcalf, two fire trucks and a bunch of people surrounded a jazzy-looking motor home. We had to investigate. IMG_5151  IMG_5153

It turned out the firemen and all those people were there for lunch, at a food wagon called Beauty of the Bistro. My husband and I loved the food. (And so did other people in the community. More and more stopped to eat or to order for take out.) I had a Blue Moon burger—juicy hamburger, sun-dried tomatoes, blue cheese, greens, corn… Yummy! They cater, too. We ate at a picnic table under a shade tree across from a field of wild flowers.

Delightful lunch.   IMG_5155   IMG_5158

I want to take my walking group there. Does anyone know of a walking trail in or near Stilwell, Kansas?

The rocks we gathered will be used in the rock wall I’m building around my garden. I was inspired to build my wall by the rock walls we saw in Ireland and in England on our walks into the countryside. Kansas City summer weather makes it hard to grow all the lovely flowers I saw there, but my green beans, cilantro, zucchini, potatoes, and onions are doing fine. We’ve had enough water this summer, for a change. IMG_5162  IMG_5165  IMG_5163

Happy trails!


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