Tomahawk Creek Trail from Leawood Park

Besides being beautiful, IMG_5187  IMG_5171 Leawood City Park IMG_5186 is a useful place for hikers and bikers to meet in the parking lot near the swimming pool and tennis courts. IMG_5169There are three different routes one can take from the park–east on Indian Creek Trail to State Line into Missouri and on southeast toward I-435, west on Indian Creek Trail under Mission Road and on as far as Olathe, or southwest on Tomahawk Creek Trail. IMG_5170

Today we chose Tomahawk Creek Trail and walked toward 119th Street through Tomahawk Creek Park. We walked across Indian Creek. IMG_5173

There are side nature trails along the way, but we weren’t prepared with bug spray and long socks. IMG_5175

Huge oak trees and smaller trees of every type line the trail. IMG_5185

The confluence of the two creeks can be seen along the way, but only if one looks for it. Especially in the summer, hikers must leave the main trail and walk toward the creek on a little unmarked side trail. Look for it not far from the bridge. IMG_5181

It was a lovely walking day; so after one of the group left, the rest of us walked westward on the Indian Creek Trail, crossed the road on an access trail and ended up at Small Cakes in the Mission Farms shopping center. The cupcakes are beautiful, IMG_5167and they have muffins, too. IMG_5168I guess the coffee is good, but I’m a tea drinker, and the shop has no hot or cold tea.

Happy Trails



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