Tennis Today and FooDoo

lunch-menuAlthough this wasn’t a trail day, I did eat after invigorating exercise. We played tennis on a neighborhood park tennis court, and then I took a shower and took off for lunch in the big city. FooDoo at 3605 Broadway was a terrific choice. The restaurant features vegan and earth food and a juice bar. Certainly it’s vegan; likely it’s earth; mainly it’s delicious. I had the Roasted Root for lunch. The root vegetables–beets, carrots, plantains, and leeks–were well seasoned and roasted in basil oil. Sides of quinoa with roasted mushrooms and citrus greens complemented the roasted veggies and made for a completely satisfying meal. My friend had the Big Kahuna soy burger. She must like it, because this was the second time she’s ordered it there. A yummy experience–pretty surroundings, too. Next time I need to try a dessert, or go for dinner, or both.



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