Line Creek Trail, Running Well, and BC Bistro

This week we hiked on Line Creek Trail from just north of Barry Road south and then back under the busy street line creek trail startto where we parked on NW 85th Street near where the trail connects with the 152 Trail along 152 Highway. We walked only about three miles out and three miles back, but the trail extends into Riverside almost to the Missouri River. We could have parked at the trailhead parking area at Gower Road and NW Waukomis Drive and may in the future. There one has the choice of heading north or south on the trail.

It was hard to believe we were in the city while we walked on this beautiful trail through woody areas, out into a meadow, and alongside the creek. line creek trail woods Many large cairns amazed us along the way. A cairn is a mound of rocks built to mark a trail. Many can be seen along mountain trails to mark the way. They were originally used by the Celtic people to mark graves and can be works of balancing genius. The Inuit made them to resemble a human figure or a inukshuk. Some fellow hikers we met on the Line Creek Trail told us they thought Boy Scouts had built them, but people are sure to have added to them. The variety of rocky areas, short wooden fences, wide trail, and views of streams made our walk interesting as well as pretty. line-creek-trail meadow

Our feet and legs hurt after walking six miles or more on concrete. We had decided to give this trail a try even though my group likes natural surface or asphalt paths. Concrete is good for cyclists but not for hikers. So we stopped in at the Running Well store where we saw a shoe sale. Kathy Gates gave us all kinds of good information about walking shoes and even gave me a stride analysis to find out exactly what kind of shoes would be best for me. She urged me to join the sock of the month club, too.

Our last stop was for…you guessed it…lunch. We tried the nice BC Bistro at 7749 NW Prairie View Road (close to Barry Road.) It’s back in a little shopping center and hard to see unless you know where it is, but it’s worth the hunt. I had a turkey press sandwich which was made with goat cheese, spinach, roasted red pepper, and house dressing on sourdough bread. Really different and good. The bistro used fresh local ingredients.

Happy Trails!


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