Parkville Landing Trails and Parkville Coffee Shop

My walking group, the Roaming Readers, has hiked the English Landing Park in Parkville several times (see post,) but now a new section of feet-friendly crushed rock trail west of the English Landing parking area is open. The new area forms a loop around a field and along the Missouri River. 20140909_095543  20140909_101344 At a boat dock there, firemen and policemen practice water rescue maneuvers. Some were suiting up when we walked by. Great people! 20140909_100758 (You can see the back of the rescue boat after they launched it in the river picture above.) Park College is visible in the distance from parts of the wide-open trail near the parking lot. 20140909_102516

The west trail connects with the trail through English Landing Park. A well-used and beautiful park and trail. 20140909_103741 We sat for a short time on one of the park benches and watched a barge being filled with river sand. 20140909_104745  20140909_104136

Then it was time for brunch or lunch in Parkville, only a couple of blocks from the park. The Parkville Coffeehouse, featuring fresh roasted coffee, showed a welcoming front window, and we were glad we stopped in. The Quiche (I rate it a yum) tasted incredibly good after the walk. We chose iced tea rather than coffee since the day was warm. The café has good tea, too. In fact, everything on the menu looked delicious. President Obama visited the Parkville Coffeehouse when he visited Parkville on his way to the airport. He may have tasted their coffee!


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