Shawnee Mission Park and Jerry’s Bait Shop

The Shawnee Mission Park Trails circle the park and also connect with the Gary Haller Trail in the Mill Creek Streamway on the west side of the park. 20140902_101105  Hiking within the park on a recent overcast day gave us plenty of miles and an abundance of beautiful scenery to admire. 20140902_092420 The asphalt trails delight our feet and joints, and there is a wildlife/horse trail for those intrepid enough to douse themselves with insect repellent and hike through the woods. (We like to do that in the early spring or late fall.) Shawnee Mission is as great for walkers as it is for picnickers, fishermen, and water sportsters. 20140902_094940

After this invigorating walk, we drove to Old Leawood where we found Jerry’s Bait Shop, a bar and grill with a great, award-winning pizza. 20140902_114537 We almost passed this little gem by, because we took the name literally, until we peeked inside and saw the bar and outside, the courtyard eating area. Good clues. 20140902_114507  We got there early, before the crowd came in and we were joined by lots of discerning folks for a yummy pizza lunch. There are also a number of other good-sounding items on the menu. 20140902_114433 Fun place.

When I got home, I noticed how much my kitties were missing me on a cool day in September. 20140901_131746 Not. When they are cold, they like to curl up together in an armchair, sleep, and pay no attention to their humans.


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