James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area Walk & Greenwood Tea Room

20141021_105437 Autumn. The season, this year, of warm, dry weather and gorgeous colors. The season leading toward the excitement of the holidays. Such was the setting for our walk in the James A. Reed Wildlife Area near Lee’s Summit and Greenwood, MO. This can be a true wildlife walk, as was ours, or it can be a leisurely stroll on the roads and trails through the fields and woods. Our walk turned into quite an exploration after we parked near Bodarc Lake  and took the clearly marked trail 20141021_102920 into the wildlife area. 20141021_102934 Soon we were walking into the woods on not so clearly marked, but wild and beautiful trails where we weren’t sure how to get back to the beginning. 20141021_105036 That’s what always makes it more fun! We finally found a place to ford the creek by jumping from rock to rock  20141021_111347 and made our way back to the car.20141021_113341

The delightful hiking trip ended with a YUM in Greenwood, Missouri at the Country Antique Mall and Tea Room.20141021_131438   (Hint: It’s a popular lunch spot. You may want to call ahead for reservations.)



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