IMG_5063The author, Joyce Ann Brown, is a freelance writer and author of a series of cozy mysteries which feature The Trolley Track Trail in midtown Kansas City. The first book is CATastrophic Connections: A Psycho Cat and the Landlady Mystery. The second is FURtive Investigation: A Psycho Cat and the Landlady Mystery. Find them on Amazon or Createspsace or in local bookstores or the Johnson County Library. The e-book versions are also available on Amazon.com.

CATastrophic Connections Revised Front Cover Fur final cover

The walking group learns about the trails we walk in the Kansas City area from online trail maps published by each of the metropolitan counties and by Kansas and Missouri, from the book Hiking Kansas City by William B. Eddy & Richard O. Ballentine, and from various maps and brochures available at many county park offices. Also, sometimes we just see a trail, tell our buddies, and decide to explore it on our next hike.cropped-img_5075.jpg

The places we choose to eat are locally owned as much as possible. Most of the time we see a likely spot in the town or neighborhood near where we are walking. Since the up-to-date techy in our group got her I-phone and a Yelp app, we’ve used that at times.    Mia Ranchito




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  1. I want join your club! Let’s plan a walk together for our next visit! Your descriptions make me miss Kansas City, but you, mainly. I’ll call soon so we can catch up and plan that next hike!

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  2. Unfortunately,,all the joco streamways have 10s of thousands of yrs of Native AMERICAN, Camps history , treasures that aren’t discovered! But it’s illegal to pick up. An Arrowhead,, or meteorite ,because??? Ernie Miller had programs teaching public and most important our youth about History and had digs and taught about A LITTLE ABOUT ,,Ameri a and prehistoric man. But ALL GONE ,,NO MORE,,, But I still can’t take a walk and pickup a rock and leave with it or donate it to any museum ITS ILLEGAL ,,Maybe some do not want to know or teach that we Committed Genocide with a race of people that thrived here 15,000 years before we arrived ! Sad but true!!!

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