Hiking in Mission, Kansas

South of the Target at Metcalf and 61st Street in Mission, a hiking/biking trail takes one east along a creek , through a park by the DMV, and on toward the Mission Mart shops near Roe. You can find this trail and many, many other Johnson County trails by using the maps on the Johnson County trail maps site: http://www.jcprd.com/parks_facilities/trailguide.cfm

This a shorter trail than our group usually walks, and on Tuesday, June 17 part of the trail was closed. It looked as if, unfortunately, the trail is being paved with concrete. That’s good for bicycles but very, very unhealthy for our poor feet. We walked around the new construction out to Johnson Drive and found a happy spot for a short stop.

There is a small breakfast and lunch spot named Twisted Sisters Coffee Shop (find out more at its Facebook page  at 5606 Johnson Drive, on the north side of the street. T S coffeeSisters Sandy and Nancy run the homey little shop with a personal and humorous style of their own–only a little itty-bitty bit twisted. I’m not a coffee drinker, but if the iced-to-order tea is any indication, the coffee and other drinks are most likely delicious.

The food is–delicious, I mean. We shared a tasty blueberry scone at 10:30 to go with our tea and then walked back to our cars in the Target parking lot. Both of us agreed to walk another trail, the one starting at Lamar and Shawnee Mission Parkway or the new trail on the west side of Metcalf above I-35 and Turkey Creek. But it being a hot day and late, we unanimously decided instead to return to Twisted Sisters for an early lunch. (Earlier, we had noticed the lunch menu.)

We each chose a half sandwich and soup for only $5.00. Mine turned out to be a fabulous treat. The homemade tomato basil soup is chunky and tastes as if the basil is in a pesto infused into a creamy tomato base. I didn’t ask for the recipe, but I should have. My half sandwich, chicken salad on raisin bread, tasted so good I wished I’d ordered a whole one. I asked our personable server where the bread came from, and she told me. You can’t get it, unless you go to Twisted Sister. twisted sister logoI rate it Yummy!

Happy Trails.